Become a Sponsor to End Polio Now

….. and Triple Your Impact!

Sponsorship donations are matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which means your $100 sponsorship becomes $300 to help End Polio Now! 

Sponsors  know they are helping eradicate polio and keeping it from returning to the United States.  Further, sponsors are listed at the event for attendees to see their generosity. Plus, sponsors are included in Putt Putt social media, which reaches Rotarians and the general public throughout Dare and Currituck counties in addition to Outer Banks visitors.

Please print out the Sponsorship Form below or just email Skip Morgan, Putt Putt Treasurer, and let him know how much you would like to sponsor.

Sponsorship Agrmnt 2017

Sponsorship Agrmnt 2017