Pirate Putt Putt for Polio


The Fifth Annual Pirate Putt Putt for Polio

Come join this fun, family event and make polio “Walk the Plank!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

1600 North Croatan Highway, Kill Devil Hills

(MP 8; Bypass at First Street, KDH)


Sponsored jointly by the Currituck Wild Goose, First Flight, Kitty Hawk and Manteo Rotary Clubs


Thank you for your support in 2016.  We raised over $6,000 to fight the scourge of polio and to keep it from coming back to America!  That amount was tripled to $18,000 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!

For more information or to contact us:
Stan Keeler     630-803-6818
Skip Morgan
Linda Allen     252-207-8290
Bill Jones
Carl Classen     252-489-9198




Cap’n Darby, the Outer Banks Irish Pirate.